Perfect Fit Auto Glass is now part of Same Day Windshields

We would like to welcome Perfect Fit Auto Glass customers to the Same Day Windshields customer family. Same Day Windshields provides the same professional auto glass replacement and repair services you have come to expect from Perfect Fit Auto Glass. You can count on friendly customer service and expert workmanship from our mobile unit technicians to get you safely back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Glass Needed
  • Glass Needed

Let us take care of your auto glass.

  • Always Free, Same Day Mobile Service

    Let us know where you’ll be so we can repair or replace your auto glass at your location! We come to you at no cost.

  • Windshields with Comprehensive FL Insurance

    We work with ALL auto insurance companies to make sure your windshield replacement is covered 100%.

  • We Guarantee the Perfect Fit

    Our auto glass experts match the year, make and model of your vehicle, as well as any shading or features to make sure your new windshield fits perfectly.

  • Quick Auto Glass Repair & Windshield Replacement

    Our technicians will call you when they’re an hour away. No waiting around all day! Repairs and replacements with Same Day Windshields take an hour or less.

We’ll Find The Perfect Fit For Your vehicle’s Windshield replacement or Auto Glass

At Same Day Windshields, we provide windshield repair and replacement services for your auto glass needs. Our glass materials and auto glass installation equipment are the highest quality, so we deliver the best service with exceptional results.

We pride ourselves on providing you with auto glass that’s GUARANTEED a perfect fit for your vehicle…every time. We take all the intricate safety technology, age, and model into consideration when our specialists fix your auto glass or windshield.

Paying for your windshield replacement is easy if you have comprehensive Florida auto insurance. Your windshield replacement cost is covered 100% by your No-Fault Florida full coverage.

All auto glass replacement parts are covered
under our LIFETIME warranty!

We stand behind our work 100%.

Mobile Windshield & Auto Glass Replacement in Florida

We’re a mobile auto glass shop that comes to you. We service all of Florida with our FREE same day mobile service. Our offices are in Clearwater, Tampa, and Orlando!

If you have comprehensive Florida auto insurance, we will work with your insurance company to replace your windshield. ZERO cost to you out of pocket!

When you discover a rock hit your windshield, or if you have auto glass damage, contact the experts at Same Day Windshields. We will come to your location the same day and replace your windshield or auto glass!

Mobile Windshield Repair Service


At Same Day Windshields we use the highest quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass available for windshield replacement on your car, SUV, or pick-up truck. Our auto glass installers are also certified and are experts in a variety of vehicles and windshield installation techniques. They will come to your location at no charge with our FREE mobile service.

Your windshield replacement will cost you nothing out of pocket with your Florida comprehensive auto insurance policy. So there are no hidden fees! You’ll also receive a lifetime warranty on our parts and installation that’s guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle.

Your windshield is the #1 safety restraint in your vehicle. Don’t delay getting it replaced after you’ve noticed the damage.

Find your nearest location to book your appointment today!

broken glass windshield replacement

The back window is one of your most important pieces of glass in your vehicle. It provides immense safety to you and especially to your backseat passengers, as well as providing you with increased rear visibility.

This glass can’t be repaired, and it will need a replacement immediately. You shouldn’t wait too long after noticing your back window glass damage, as the glass will shatter, leaving your vehicle exposed and broken glass inside your vehicle..

Find your nearest location to book your back window replacement appointment now!

broken glass back windshield replacement

Side and rear car windows typically need a replacement because they’re made of tempered glass. This process makes the glass shatter into smaller pieces when broken, so a repair would be impossible.

Get your car window replaced by the experts at Perfect Fit Auto Glass today! Your new car window will prevent theft and increase your vehicle’s security.

Find your nearest location to get that car window replaced today!

broken side door glass